Gerald Morse

Manager, Programmer, Writer, Entrepreneur, Teacher

My Passions

Management and Programming

I’ve had the privilege of managing teams of brilliant programmers and analysts for many years.  I started out as a Programmer/Analyst and programming is still my passion. My team grew to over 50 people spread all over the world.  My resume is available here.

Interesting Stuff

I follow a variety of the best ideas in business, IT, personal development, and life enrichment. I’ll try and present some of these ideas on this site, mixed in with what I’ve learned through my life experience. Check out my Blog Page here, along with the other sites mentioned in My Websites.



I’ve been writing extensively over a number of years. This includes blog posts and articles, one completed book, and a couple others in process. I write in my own websites (listed below) and for others.  More details are available in my publishing website,

Mentoring and Teaching

My favorite part of management has always been mentoring and teaching. And I have to say I learned much from the people I taught! Many of the programmers and analysts I hired stayed with me for years and it is a joy to see how they have progressed. I continue to offer coaching and mentoring services.

Start Your Computer Business!

Morse Computer

And of course this site!

Morse Digital Labs

Morse Digital Labs is my business created to support projects for clients and in house endeavors.  I started Morse Digital Labs as a way of continuing to do my small part to see businesses and individuals succeed.  Morse Digital Labs

My Websites

I manage a number of websites.  Below are some you may like to explore.

Morse Digital Labs

Morse Computer

Morse Publishing

PC Biz Training

Retire Real

About Me

My name is Gerald (Jerry) Morse. I have been working with businesses, supporting major financial institutions, programming, managing brilliant technical people and writing for longer than I’d like to admit. Along the way I’ve worked in banking, programming, technical customer support, and managing teams of all sizes from all around the world. I’ve helped major financial institutions keep their complex websites up and running, assisted with business development efforts, and even helped small businesses and individuals build and repair computers. And I enjoy writing about all of it.

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