Gerald Morse

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Morgantown, PA


Profile Senior Development Manager supporting multiple clients for a large integrated banking system.

• Experienced working with clients worldwide providing programming and technical support for mission critical applications
• Managed multiple departments with direct responsibility for 50+ employees
• Managed programming teams supporting backend, front end and middleware applications
• Very adaptable with experience from single projects to managing large complex organizations
• Comfortable discussing issues with senior internal and client management
• Integrated and managed large offshore teams


Continuously advancing career of professional accomplishments and proven track record
• Managed programming support for multiple large online banks, including AMEX, Barclays, Schwab, Ameriprise, Goldman Sachs, Etrade, John Deere, and many others utilizing PROFILE integrated banking system
• Responsible for full development life cycle in both Waterfall and Agile environments
• Introduced and enforced strict code review and unit testing policies, including offshore integration
• Successfully managed programming support activities during merger with large Fortune 500 company
• Established and managed group to build custom client applications
• Managed Regulatory and Compliance group responsible for all mandated changes for various clients
• Managed Security and Vulnerabilities group responsible for all required coding changes
• Moved family and lived offshore for extended period (Portugal)
• Reduced client defect backlogs by 70%
• Managed integrated onshore and offshore staff
• Assisted with programming support setup for the FIS Modern Banking Platform, a next generation integrated banking solution

Experience 2004 – 2020
Senior Development Manager, FIS, Collegeville, PA

Sanchez Computer Associates (merged with FIS)
Development Manager, Collegeville, PA

Previously – Banking, Assistant Vice President, Lending, Business Development and Sales, Management


Eastern College, Organizational Management

Penn State Certification UNIX, C, C++, Java
Numerous courses, seminars, and workshops, technical and management related

Technical Skills

Familiarity with Java, Mumps, PSL, Xpress, C, C++, Python, HTML, Javascript, NodeJS, MS Office, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, Atom, WordPress, Divi, and many others

References available upon request




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