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Management, Programming, Writing, Entrepreneurship, Mentoring and Teaching

I’m Gerald (Jerry) Morse

Gerald Morse Picture SmallI have been working with businesses, supporting major financial institutions, programming, managing brilliant technical people and writing for longer than I’d like to admit. Along the way I’ve worked in banking, programming, technical customer support, and managing teams of all sizes from all around the world. I’ve helped major financial institutions keep their complex websites up and running, assisted with business development efforts, and even helped small businesses and individuals build and repair computers. And I enjoy writing about all of it.

I’ve worked for giant banks, startup businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. But what I really enjoy is helping people succeed. My favorite part of banking was working with entrepreneurs and seeing their business ventures thrive. My favorite part of management was seeing the individuals on my teams succeed in their professional and personal lives.

In my professional life I’ve had the privilege of managing teams of up to about 50 people. Most of these were programmers and analysts that supported and built applications for large financial institutions all over the world. The teams were a combination of local and offshore and I’m proud to say that many team members worked with me for many years.

I enjoy writing and have published many articles. My interests are quite varied so the articles cover a variety of topics from technical to business, retirement, and hobbies. I’ve completed two books and more are in the works.

I started Morse Digital Labs as a way of continuing to do my small part to see businesses and individuals succeed. I manage several websites and try to make a variety of services available using my experience and contacts.

Much of this is barely work anymore. I’ve always loved programming and continue to do it to this day. I’ve enjoyed managing and mentoring gifted people and writing about it all is just a natural extension.

So, if I can help you in any way let me know. I’ve been doing these things a long time, so either I will help you personally or I’ll try to find someone who can. Over the years I’ve gotten to know many talented individuals so odds are we can assist.
I hope to use this site to provide tips and resources and generally share things I think you will find interesting and useful.

Talking to you soon…

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