I have a variety of interests and passions, and maintain a number of websites highlighting some of them.  Juggling a number of things at once is actually my preference, but how to bring them all together?

When I came across the idea of a personal website I thought it might be the best way to share my varied interests and passions.  And, let’s face it, if someone is considering adding me to their team for any project important to them, they might want to know a little about me!

So What Do I Want To Share?

I’ve been around the block a few times and want to pass on ideas I’ve found useful.

There is so much useful information out there! When I come across something good out there I want to share.

Programming is a passion I want to share.

Good management is a passion I want to share.

I enjoy writing about all kinds of things and I want to share.

My useful experiences with working with clients is something I want to share.

A personal website seems like a good way to accomplish all this and bring all my passions together in one place.

Talking to you soon!