Sometimes it feels like nothing is going right and you are accomplishing absolutely nothing!  It doesn’t help if you are into self improvement and everywhere you look it seems like others are meeting big goals, getting rich, and creating great things.

At these times it is important to start looking at the little things and when you do you may find you are accomplishing more than you realize.

Break Big Goals Down Into Small Chunks

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have goals, and some of those should be big ones.  But break those big goals into small chunks.  As you look at those smaller chunks you may find you really are making progress.

Celebrate Accomplishing Every Chunk

And you should celebrate completing those smaller chunks.  This doesn’t mean a big party or going out and spending a lot of money.  Find small things to reward yourself like doing a little task just for the fun of it, watching 15 minutes of YouTube, or reading a chapter in a fun book.

Consider Other Little Accomplishments

Not everything has to be about goals, or even smaller chunks of goals.  Consider little things and you may find that just doing those puts you ahead of much of society.  Unfortunately I see much of society to be about beer and TV.  What I mean is that much of society is perfectly content as long as they have access to beer and their precious TV.  But that is a subject for another day!

Let’s Look At Some Little Things:

Did you get enough sleep and wake up today?

Getting enough sleep helps everything go better and many elderly or sick people are grateful for one more day to live!

Can You Get Out Of Bed?  Not Everyone Can!

Did You Eat One Healthy Meal?

Maybe you haven’t achieved a new healthy lifestyle, but did you have one healthy meal today that you ordinarily do not?

Did You Walk Today, Even A Little?

Did You Exercise Today, Even A Little?

They say just four times a week makes a huge difference, but any amount is probably good.  (Check with your doctor if you have any doubts about whether you should be exercising – I’m not a health advisor!)

Did You Quickly Review Your Finances?

Even just checking your balances daily puts you ahead of many.

Did You Make A To Do List?

Again, most people did not take even this small step to improve their productivity.

Did You Do Anything On Your To Do List?

Even if your day was a disaster celebrate the one thing you did get done.

Did You Do One Creative Thing?

If so you are way ahead of the masses!

Did You Help One Human Being? (Spouses And Kids Count!)

Did You Encourage One Person Today?

What a great habit to grow, especially if you are a manager or any kind of leader.

Did You Pray Or Meditate?

Did You Clean Up Anything?

Did you manage to tidy up or clean one thing that you ordinarily would not?

Did You Fix Anything?

Repairing rather than replacing saves money and builds independence and confidence.  And it’s good for the environment!

Did You Track Your Progress On Anything?

Again, most people do not.

Did You Adhere To One Good Habit?

Did You Resist One Bad Habit?

Good for you!  One day at a time!

Did You Keep Your Temper In Check When Tempted?

Make it a habit now.  You will thank yourself!

Did You Do One Thing Good For Your Finances?

Did you save a bit of money or maybe pay a little extra on a credit card?

Did You Feel Gratitude For Anything?

Many believe this is one of the most essential things you can do!

Did You Thank Yourself For Anything?

You should always be your number one fan, within limits of course!

See, you probably have more to celebrate than you realized!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay