There is never enough time.  We all have a limited amount and there have been many books, articles, systems, and courses dedicated to finding more time.  Here are a few little ideas to get you thinking.

Just Say No

I know you always hear this one, but it really is true.  Start with little things like when a salesman comes to the door instead of listening to the spiel just say, “I’m not interested, have a good day” and close the door.  When working it is a little more complicated.  I used to have a saying at work “We can’t say no, but we can say “Yes, But.”  What I meant is when you can’t say no to a request you can say yes, but it has to be at a later time, or maybe with reduced requirements.

With relatives and friends it is more complicated, so if you must say yes do it knowing that you are saying yes because helping them really is more important than doing something else.

Create Your To Do List the Night Before

This is another one you hear all the time that I’m still disciplining myself to practice. But it really does help.  Even if you just jot down a few To Dos left over from your day it helps get you a quicker start the next day.

Make Use of Waiting Time

Smart Phones really help with this one.  And I see people looking at their phones all the time when waiting in line.  If they are actually using the time for something productive rather than just web surfing then they get the idea.  One thought is that if you know you will likely be waiting have a plan in advance.  Easiest example I can think of is waiting for your car to get an oil change.  Why not plan to answer emails, read a book, or even carry a little notebook to do a little brainstorming while you are waiting and jot down ideas.  It beats leafing through old magazines reading about topics you don’t care about.

Just Don’t Do It

This is almost like just saying no but you are mostly just saying no to yourself.  Can you clean just a little less often?  Or maybe get the car washed a little less often?  I know there are limits because you don’t want to live in filth or let your car depreciate faster.  But I think there is a happy medium that buys you a little more time.

Less Web Surfing

OK, I’m as guilty as anyone with this one.  I can’t resist a little web surfing in the morning!  After all, a lot could have happened overnight!  But you know what?  A little less web surfing won’t kill me.  If fact web surfing and excess social media has started to replace TV as the biggest time waster out there.

Make a Grocery List and Go Less Often

Keep a list on the refrigerator so when you go to the grocery store you don’t forget things.  A few less grocery trips saves you time.  It also saves you money, wear and tear on your car, and is good for the environment.

Less TV

This one is mentioned often for good reason.  Maybe limit your watching to one or two hours a day max.  Pick out shows or movies you really like and that make you feel more positive.

Bunch Email

Just let most email sit and process it at predetermined times once or twice a day.  This is one many companies need to learn.  It seems if people don’t get an immediate answer to an email all kinds of bad things happen.  And Instant Messenger can be even worse!

Do Two Things at Once

Multitasking doesn’t work but I guess there might be rare exceptions.  Best example I can think of is reading while on the treadmill.  I do this every day and find it makes the time go much faster than just listening to music or doing nothing.

Delegate or Outsource If Possible

In a business environment delegation is a skill you must learn as a manager to survive.  It is also really important for the person you are delegating to.  That is how they gain experience.  At a personal or small business level you can outsource if your financial situation allows.  You are actually buying some time and this can be a good strategy if used properly.

One last thing about finding more time.  Make sure you are using that extra time for the right things.  If not, what is the point!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash