I often turn to YouTube as I am learning anything new in programming.  I thought I would share some of my favorites.

Tech With Tim


Tech With Tim is one of my favorites.  I don’t know how this young guy does it.  He has dozens of videos out there and they keep coming.  And now he has joined a startup and still the videos keep coming.

His videos mainly cover Python and Javascript.  But he digs into software engineering, machine learning, and the programming industry.  He has lots of good info on getting started and being successful in programming as a career.  I believe he also offers a paid course.  I’m sure it is great, but even if you stick to the free stuff you will learn so much.  I highly recommend this one.

Tokyo Ed Tech


This one is a science teacher who is a really great programming teacher, even for absolute beginners.  He knows how to make projects that are interesting and fun.  He had been producing videos for years and recently took a break (he’s in grad school.)  But now he is back and the videos are coming again. This one is a great place to start if you are new to programming.  And he does great games like Space Invaders, that I had a lot of fun with, and brought back fond memories.

Traversy Media


This gentleman (Brad Traversy) puts out a lot of videos himself and shares many from others.  He covers both basic and more advanced programming concepts.  He has a calm presentation that is easy to follow.

Brad has an inspiring back story as a recovering drug addict.  He talks about it in this video:



Codemy has dozens of videos of all kinds of programming topics.  Many are fairly short on very specific topics.  He also has a paid subscription model but even if you just stick to the free stuff there is so much to learn.



This one isn’t really about programming.  It is more about the many ways to make money online.  But if you are a programmer so much the better as you can really get into some of the more advanced ideas.

What I really like about HEDUCATE is the many free tools that the site provides.  Check it out.

Elegant Themes


I mention this one because it is the site for the DIVI WordPress framework.  This has become my favorite method for designing websites.  DIVI is not free but once you check it out you will see it is well worth the cost.  Check out my review here. (This one is not a video, but lots of videos are available here.)

Coding Advice

Below are some videos that will help you with a programming career.

My Favorite Udemy Course


How I Would Learn to Code


Another How I Would Learn to Code


And Another How I Would Learn to Code


How I Learned to Code


Really Good Getting into Software Engineering – “The Fastest Path Into Software Engineering”


Photo by James Harrison on Unsplash