We all have good intentions.  Most of us would like to help our fellow human but life keeps getting in the way.  So, maybe do a little thing every day.  And occasionally do some big thongs and surprise yourself.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

Give the Homeless Guy a Buck

When you work in a big city you walk by homeless people every day, so much so that they become part of the landscape.  But they are people, not landscaping.  And yes, some might just use it for booze or drugs.  But many will not and if that possibility bothers you see below.

Better – a Bag of Nutritious Snacks and a Couple Magazines

Sometimes in the city you walk by the same homeless people every day.  Why not prepare a little package of snacks and maybe something to read and just hand it over?

Tell Someone to Have a Good Day and Mean It!

“Have a good day” is one of those things we may say reflexively, without giving it any thought or honestly not really meaning it.  Instead pause for a few moments when saying it so people realize you really mean it.

Do Something Nice for Your Spouse

Let’s face it, we all sometimes take our spouses for granted.  It is not intentional but just happens when living with the same person for years or decades.  Why not surprise them with a little gift or by doing something nice, for no special occasion at all!

Make a Bigger Donation, as Able, to a Great Cause

Hopefully we all give little donations to causes we care about, like the Salvation Army kettle at Christmas.  If your circumstances allow why not surprise yourself and make a big donation to that same worthy cause.

Encourage Somebody Daily

This one doesn’t cost a cent.  Many people around us are going through tough times.  We can sense it, even if they don’t talk about it much.  Why not give them some encouragement?  Maybe remind them that you also went through something in the past, but things got better.  It can help.

Catch People Doing Something Right

This one is applicable to managers and even parents, and it also doesn’t cost anything.  All too often we only remark when someone makes a mistake.  Instead, catch them doing something right and say something!

Become a Volunteer

Many good organizations are desperate for volunteers.  Everyone is time crunched and volunteers can be in short supply.  Find a little time and give a valuable organization some of your time.  You will be glad you did!

Join the Peace Corp

This isn’t a joke.  Joining the Peace Corp can really happen.  I’ve heard they even have special programs for retired people.  If you want to make a real difference give it some thought.

Join a Service Organization

There are good service organizations in most communities.  And they all need help.  See what you can find.

Start a Service Organization

If you can’t find a local community organization why not start one.  If you get the word out volunteers may come to you.  They just need someone to get the process started.

Pick Up Some Litter

Pick up some little that you didn’t cause.  It will make you feel good inside.

Help Maintain a Park or Trail

We all like to take walks and hikes in nearby trails.  Often the budgets that used to maintain those trails have been cut and they rely on volunteers to keep the trails useable.  Just inquire at the local park and they can usually point you in the right direction.

Mentor a Younger or Less Experienced Person at Work

Mentoring a person doesn’t have to be anything official.  Lend a hand to a coworker that needs to learn many of the things that you now take for granted.

Give Advice to a Young Person Without Judging

Parents should be the ones giving advice to the younger generation.  But you know what, some young people don’t have good parents around.  And then there is the strange phenomena where young people think everyone else is smarter than their parents and they are more likely to listen to someone else!

Now it is your turn to come up with your own ideas!

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash