Divi is a WordPress theme and page builder.  WordPress is currently used for about 40% of Internet sites.  I’m not sure what percentage of those sites use Divi, but it is a lot!  I learned about Divi a few years ago and now use it for most of my sites.

Here are some examples:

Gerald Morse

Morse Computer

Morse Publishing

PC Biz Training

Morse Digital Labs


Builds High Quality And Professional Sites

I have heard some complain that WordPress doesn’t really build “professional” sites.  I don’t believe that!  But with Divi you take WordPress to a whole new level.  You can build almost anything you can imagine and sites all can look different.

WYSIWYG Visual Editor

Divi allows you to build your sites using a visual editor where everything is easy to see and everything is customizable.  At the most basic level you have Sections, Rows, and Modules that you place however you want.  Then you customize everything with visual menus for every element.  It really is quite easy once you get the hang of it.  More on learning Divi below.

Large Library of Layouts

Divi comes with over 800 website layouts.  These cover dozens of different kinds of sites and businesses.  These can get you started or serve as inspiration to build your own layouts from scratch.

Great Variety of Modules

Divi includes about 40 website elements called modules.  These are like self contained blocks that you customize to do almost anything on your websites.  Here are some examples:

  • Text
  • Calls to Action
  • Blogs
  • Sliders
  • Galleries
  • Forms
  • Testimonials

Everything is Customizable

Everything and I mean everything is customizable.  There are too many items to list.  Some include backgrounds, animation styles, colors, shadows, transformations, fonts and text styling, and border options.

Responsive Websites

Divi is responsive itself but it goes further in that each element is customizable and can be viewed easily in computer, tablet, or phone views.

Code Editing

A code editor is built in so you can change HTML and CSS as you like.  However you rarely need to make code changes.  I did find it useful to be able to switch to a code view with some long text blocks to get them exactly the way I wanted.


Pricing for Divi is $89 / Year or $249 Lifetime.  As of when I am writing this they are offering a 20% discount.  I have a lifetime membership and it is well worth the cost.

Learning Divi

Divi is very diverse and can be used for almost any type of website.  That requires a certain amount of complexity, even if all the little choices are simple.

The Learning Curve

You need to invest a little time into learning Divi.  My first site took a few days of learning and experimentation.  However once you learn some basics things begin to move a lot faster.  That same first site that took me a few days could have been built in one quarter the time once I knew what I was doing.

Good Documentation

Lots of documentation is available right on the Divi site, including for all the various modules.  I made use of those often.

Lots of Learning Videos

These are integrated right into the documentation and were a good place to start when learning something new.

Big and Helpful User Base

Boy did I see that.  Every once in a while I find myself getting stuck or not sure how to do something.  A quick search on Google seemed to always turn up what I needed!

So how do you like Divi?

Image by Dok Sev from Pixabay